rdhinstl's Page

I have put up several websites which I hope are of interest.
One concerns the United States revenue stamped paper of the Civil War Era.        Civil War Revenue Stamped Paper
Another is concerned with the United States Private Die Proprietary stamps of the Civil War and Spanish American War periods.        US Private Die Proprietary Stamps
Two other sites are introductions to the Scott-listed US revenue stamps and the so-called tax-paid issues.        Scott-listed Revenues
        Taxpaid Revenues
Next is a short article concerning the Type O revenue stamped paper of the Civil War Era, originally written for the Journal of the American Society of Check Collectors by Bill Castenholz and which I adapted for the web.        Article on Type O's
Finally, here is the first stage of a website devoted to "commercial" covers featuring the 1938 Presidential series, the Prexies.        Prexie Covers

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