The Ten-cent Prexie

Fourth class use

There are several fourth class parcel post zone and weight combinations that could be paid by a solo ten-cent Prexie.

This label was used on a package that was shipped about 97 miles, so was in Zone 2. At eight cents for the first pound and 1.1 cents for each additional pound, a two-pound package would be charged 9.1 cents rounded up, or ten cents. These rates were in effect from October 1, 1932 until March 26, 1944. A one-pound package sent to Zone 4 during the same period would have required ten cents postage.

Fourth class rates for servicemen outside the continental U.S. were figured as having been mailed from the APO contained in the return address. This is part of a package that was mailed from a San Francisco APO address to someone in San Francisco in 1944. It would have been treated as a local package. It must have weighed between four and five pounds for a nine-cent charge, plus a one-cent minimum surcharge in effect between March 26, 1944 and January 1, 1949. A one-pound package sent to Zone 3 would have also required ten cents postage.

Between January 1, 1949 and October 1, 1951, the one pound local parcel post rate was ten cents.

The fourth class library rate was four cents for the first pound and one cent for each succeding pound from January 1, 1949 until January 7, 1968. It included films beginning July 3, 1948.

This is a mailing label for a film or films weighing between six and seven pounds sent in 1956.

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