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Covers showing solo uses of the 1938 Presidential series of definitive stamps of the United States

The Prexies were introduced as the definitive series of stamps in the United States in 1938. Each of the integral values from one cent to twenty-two cents featured the picture of one of the first twenty-two Presidents, in order. The twenty-second President, Grover Cleveland, was also the twenty-fourth President, and there was no need for a twenty-three cent stamp, so the remaining Presidents were commemorated in order on twenty-four, twenty-five, thirty and fifty-cent issues, plus one, two and five-dollar stamps.

One-half, one-and-one-half and four-and-one-half-cent stamps featured the likenesses of Benjamin Franklin, Martha Washington and the White House.

The Prexies served as the definitive stamps of the United States until they were replaced piecemeal in the 1950's by the Liberty series.

This website illustrates each denomination and provides production data and information concerning principal solo uses. Covers demonstrating these solo uses are shown where available.

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