The One-cent Prexie

The one-cent Presidential stamp features a portrait of George Washington taken from a Houdon bust at Mount Vernon.

One-cent stamps were produced in four formats: sheet, booklet, horizontal coil and vertical coil. From 1938 through 1955, 20,804,006,500 sheet stamps were issued. Coil versions were issued from 1939 through 1958, for a total of 5,653,065,000. No split is available between the horizontal and vertical varieties. 1,202,469,152 booklet stamps were issued between 1939 and 1956.

Solo uses of the one-cent Prexie are normally found on postcards, drop-letters in places where there was no carrier delivery service, second class mail, bulk mail, and certificates of mailing. Other uses are possible but uncommon, such as third class mailing of books or seeds.

Solo one-cent Prexies may also be found paying the special treaty rate with Canada for mailing newspapers and periodicals.