The Seventeen-cent Prexie

Andrew Johnson became the seventeenth President upon the death of Abraham Lincoln in 1865, and served the remainder of Lincoln's term. He was not nominated to run again. The design for his Prexie stamp was taken from a bust in the Senate Gallery of the United States Capitol.

Seventeen-cent Prexies were issued in sheet format. They were first issued on October 27, 1938. A total of 313,922,600 were released from then through 1957.

The most common, but still not readily found, solo use of the seventeen-cent Prexie was on registered letters sent locally at carrier post offices between the date of issue and March 26, 1944.

International solo uses were possible for a five-ounce surface letter sent to a UPU rate country, and an item sent international parcel post with a first class letter enclosed to any country with a special treaty rate.

Third class mail with third tier (indemnity of $10.01 through $25.00) insurance was seventeen cents from the beginning of 1949 through 1956.

Other solo uses were possible in connection with fourth class parcel post mail. And a certificate of mailing for multiple items could result in the use of any value of solo Prexie.