The Seventeen-cent Prexie

Fourth class use

This laundry tag was mailed between October 27, 1938 (when the seventeen-cent Prexie was first available) and January 1, 1949. This interval spans the time when there was a three-cent discount for mailing a package on a rural route for delivery to zones1-8, and the back of the tag, which bears fourteen cents in postage, is stamped "Mailed on rural route."

If the package of laundry, sent to zone 2, had been mailed before March 26, 1944 it would have weighed eight to nine pounds. If mailed between March 26, 1944 and January 1, 1949 a surcharge of 3%, one cent minimum, would have applied, and the total weight could only have been seven to eight pounds.

A fragment of a parcel wrapping sent to zone 5. The cost to send between one and two pounds from October 1, 1932 to March 26, 1944 was eleven cents for the first pound and five and three-tenths cents for the next pound or fraction of a pound. The postage would have been rounded up to seventeen cents.

This large envelope could not have had too heavy contents. It was sent within zone 1, and if it weighed one pound or under in total would have been mailable for seventeen cents between October 1, 1951 and October 1, 1953. If mailed between January 1, 1949 and October 1, 1951 the contents would have weighed between two and three pounds.

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