The One-and-one-half-cent Prexie

The likeness of Martha Washington, taken from a photograph of a bust by Mrs. C. MacDonald Sleeth, is on the one-and-one-half-cent Prexie. Stamps in this denomination were issued in sheet, horizontal coil and vertical coil formats. The sheet stamps were also overprinted for use in the Canal Zone.

Sheet stamps were first released on May 5, 1938. 21,727,162,500 were issued through 1958. Horizontal coils went on sale on January 20, 1939 and vertical ones on January 27 of that year. Total production for the two formats was 2,133,842,000, with no more than 10,012,350 of those being in the vertical format. A total of 1,119,991 sheet stamps overprinted for use in the Canal Zone were issued.

One-and-one-half cents was primarily a third class rate. This included printed circulars and miscellaneous matter until the end of 1948, and books and catalogs and material for planting from then into the early 1950's. Mailings from non-profit organizations were granted a one-and-one-half cent rate per two ounces from 1952 through 1958. Unsealed greeting cards could also be sent at the third class printed circular rate.

The third class bulk minimum rate was one-and-one-half cents during the 1950's. The fourth class book rate per pound was one-and-one-half cents from late 1938 until the middle of 1942.

The international printed matter rate was one-and-one-half cents for each two ounces from early 1932 until late 1953. Similar rates were contained in special treaties with Canada and Mexico.