The One-and-one-half-cent Prexie

Third class bulk mail use

The third class minimum per-piece rate for bulk mail was one-and-one-half cents from January1, 1952 until January 1, 1959. Such mail was identified as mailed under Section 34.66, P.L.& R. until July 1, 1954, when it was superseded by 39 C.F.R. 34.66.

This bulk mailing from Archie Comic Publications, Inc. was made between January 1, 1952 and July 1, 1954.

As of December 21, 1954 the bulk mail identifying phrase was changed to simply "Bulk Rate." This mailer came close.

Possessions and territories could use the same bulk rates. This mailing from Honolulu was made before July 1, 1954, as it was mailed under Sec. 34.66 P.L.& R.

Bulk mail would almost never have been forwarded, but in case it was, it required full third class postage. This insurance advertising cost one cent to mail in 1942, and one and one-half cents to forward.

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