The One-and-one-half-cent Prexie

Printed circular and miscellaneous matter use

The third class rate for printed circulars and miscellaneous matter was one-and-one-half cents per two ounces from April 15, 1925 until January 1, 1949.

The stamp on this circular was undoubtedly applied using a mechanical device, one that was a bit out of phase, or the roll of stamps was threaded wrong.

A phonograph record possibly cut by a serviceman during World War II, mailed third class using a precancelled horizontal coil one-and-one-half cent Prexie. While third class mail could not contain writing other than a signature and a few non-message words like "sincerely yours," recorded messages were allowed.

Miscellaneous matter mailed at the third class rate in 1942.

Third class mail from service personnel on duty could be sent at domestic rates. This item is a pack of postcard views sent from APO 635, Headquarters, Base Air Depot Area, Burtonwood, England.

Territories and possessions used the domestic third class postage schedule. This was a brochure mailing within the Canal Zone.

Miscellaneous matter mailed at the third class rate from Wake in 1941. One wonders what happened to the young joker during the course of the war.

During the Second World War the APO postal system became clogged with third and fourth class mail, so Postal Order 19687 of January 7, 1943 prohibited dispatch of anything unsolicited. This mailing (approvals?) to Dutch Harbor, Unalaska Island, and redirected to HQ, Eleventh Air Force, Adak Island was rejected.

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