The fourteen-cent Prexie

Franklin Pierce served one term as president, beginnning in 1853. His term in office seems not to have been particularly distinguished, and he ended up on one of the least-used stamps in the Prexy series. The design of his stamp was taken from a medal produced by the United States Mint. Fourteen-cent Prexies were only issued in sheet format.

Fourteen-cent Prexies were first issued October 6, 1938. A total of 289,860,900 were issued from the introduction date through 1957.

There were very few situations which called for fourteen cents in postage, and in most cases combinations of lower value stamps probably would have been used for those. The domestic uses include such things as a local first class letter sent COD, a special delivery postcard, business reply mail, and several parcel post categories. A very unusual use involves a combination of third and fourth class postage. Finally, a late use is twice the seven-cent airmail rate introduced in 1958.

Foreign uses would include international parcel post, the four ounce surface rate to a UPU country, and a surface letter to Australia with airmail service once it got there.

Also, a certificate of mailing for multiple items can result in any value of solo Prexie being used.