Update Log

As of March 2023 I have stored images of covers sent to me from several of you which need to be sorted and uploaded. Instead, I have tackled a backlog of my own purchases to add to the site. I promise I will get to ones sent to me as I can, and I thank you who have helped improve the site.

This log began 30MAR07. Entries are arranged newest to oldest.

28MAR23 - one-cent certificate of mailing on dark green paper
28MAR23 - one-cent certificate of mailing form 2965 with a GPO prefix (improved copy)
28MAR23 - one-cent drop rate Christmas card
28MAR23 - two-cent drop rate, Honolulu to Sand Island Detention Center
28MAR23 - three-cent double rate Christmas card to Ethiopia
28MAR23 - three-cent first class mailed using three lower left corners of three-cent stamps
28MAR23 - three-cent first class oversize postcard
28MAR23 - three-cent postcard sent to Paris too early in 1944 so returned
28MAR23 - five-cent certificate of mailing fee
28MAR23 - seven-cent airmail to Mexico in 1959
28MAR23 - ten-cent airmail to Barbados
28MAR23 - ten-cent airmail to Dutch Guiana
28MAR23 - ten-cent airmail to Haiti
28MAR23 - ten-cent airmail to Jamaica (coil stamp)
28MAR23 - ten-cent airmail Alaska to Cuba
28MAR23 - ten-cent business reply (twice four-cent postage plus fees)
28MAR23 - thirteen-cent library rate returning film
28MAR23 - fifteen-cent airmail Alaska to Canal Zone
28MAR23 - fifteen-cent airmail from Canal Zone to U.S.
28MAR23 - fifteen-cent airmail to Tunisia
28MAR23 - seventeen-cent third class insured (better copy)
28MAR23 - twenty-cent double air to Saint Lucia
28MAR23 - twenty-cent Guam to Hawaii airmail
28MAR23 - twenty-cent registered to Switzerland, held in Bermuda
28MAR23 - twenty-four-cent registered domestic airmail
28MAR23 - twenty-four-cent registered double or triple first class
28MAR23 - twenty-five-cent five times domestic airmail
28MAR23 - twenty-five-cent airmail to Barbados
28MAR23 - twenty-five-cent airmail to Curacao
28MAR23 - thirty-cent airmail to Europe - split into three 1940's periods, 22 covers added
28MAR23 - thirty-cent airmail to French Guiana
28MAR23 - thirty-cent airmail to Martinique
28MAR23 - thirty-cent double weight airmail to Barbados
28MAR23 - thirty-cent double weight airmail to Peru
28MAR23 - thirty-cent double or triple weight airmail to Costa Rica
28MAR23 - thirty-cent military concession airmail insured wrapper
28MAR23 - thirty-cent military concession airmail times five
28MAR23 - thirty-cent special delivery airmail to Mexico
28MAR23 - fifty-cent double weight airmail to Barbados
28MAR23 - fifty-cent airmail Hawaii to Hong Kong
28MAR23 - one-dollar airmail to Africa (Johannesburg)
28MAR23 - one-dollar parcel post special delivery
28MAR23 - one-dollar airmail to Pitcairn Island, stamp likely replaced
28MAR23 - two-dollar surface/air to India, philatelic
28MAR23 - five-dollar registered philatelic creation

8MAR19 - one-cent bulk rate - PL&R 34.66 converted to 34.66(e)
8MAR19 - one-cent bulk rate - PL&R 34.66 (re-do of the bulk rate page)
8MAR19 - two-cent local out of mails - milk statement
8MAR19 - two-cent better foreign printed matter example
8MAR19 - two-cent third class - 1951, from Hawaii
8MAR19 - three-cent consignees mail, from customs
8MAR19 - three-cent cross border, handed to customs
8MAR19 - three-cent to Newfoundland, 1939
8MAR19 - three-cent twice third class
8MAR19 - four-cent twice third class
8MAR19 - five-cent foreign postcard 1961
8MAR19 - six-cent third class with minimum insurance
8MAR19 - six-cent airmail - crash cover
8MAR19 - six-cent airmail to Newfoundland
8MAR19 - six-cent late fee - Hawaii to mainland
8MAR19 - eight-cent airmail - Alaska to lower 48
8MAR19 - eight-cent airmail letter to Cuba
8MAR19 - eight-cent on penalty mail to England
8MAR19 - eight-cent fourth class book rate
8MAR19 - nine-cent triple first class - Hawaii to mainland
8MAR19 - nine-cent multiple third class
8MAR19 - ten-cent COD form - different form number
8MAR19 - ten-cent book rate
8MAR19 - ten-cent third class
8MAR19 - eleven-cent fourth class zone 1
8MAR19 - eleven-cent fourth class zone 3
8MAR19 - eleven-cent fourth class zone 5
8MAR19 - eleven-cent late postcard - to Teheran
8MAR19 - eleven-cent third class material for planting
8MAR19 - eleven-cent triple surface rate to Europe
8MAR19 - twelve-cent air to Nicaragua
8MAR19 - twelve-cent four times first class
8MAR19 - twelve-cent double weight surface to Europe
8MAR19 - twelve-cent fourth class zone 1
8MAR19 - thirteen-cent double weight third class, insured
8MAR19 - fourteen-cent international parcel post
8MAR19 - fourteen-cent fourth class zone 3
8MAR19 - fifteen-cent airmail to Newfoundland
8MAR19 - fifteen-cent registry on free navy mail - not allowed but accepted
8MAR19 - fifteen-cent certified fee on free employment security mail
8MAR19 - fifteen-cent insured fourth class to zone 1
8MAR19 - fifteen-cent fourth class zone 1
8MAR19 - sixteen-cent book rate
8MAR19 - seventeen-cent fourth class zone 1
8MAR19 - seventeen-cent fourth class zone 3
8MAR19 - eighteen-cent registered to serviceman
8MAR19 - eighteen-cent registered to PUAS country
8MAR19 - eighteen-cent fourth class local
8MAR19 - eighteen-cent fourth class zone 1
8MAR19 - eighteen-cent fourth class zone 4
8MAR19 - nineteen-cent local (?) registered
8MAR19 - nineteen-cent third class insured
8MAR19 - nineteen-cent fourth class zone 4
8MAR19 - twenty-cent airmail return receipt from Hawaii
8MAR19 - twenty-cent third class insured
8MAR19 - twenty-cent fourth class local
8MAR19 - twenty-cent South Pacific to New Zealand
8MAR19 - twenty-one-cent registered, return receipt to Hawaii
8MAR19 - twenty-one-cent registered, air in US from Hawaii
8MAR19 - twenty-one-cent registered second step to Hawaii
8MAR19 - twenty-one-cent fourth class zone 5
8MAR19 - twenty-four-cent four times airmail to Canada
8MAR19 - twenty-four-cent three times first class, registered
8MAR19 - twenty-five-cent air to French Equatorial Africa
8MAR19 - twenty-five-cent air from Nigeria
8MAR19 - twenty-five-cent fourth class zone 1
8MAR19 - thirty-cent resumed airmail air to Germany - early
8MAR19 - thirty-cent double air to Newfoundland
8MAR19 - thirty-cent triple air, registered, return receipt
8MAR19 - thirty-cent double air to Panama
8MAR19 - thirty-cent double air, registered
8MAR19 - thirty-cent fourth class local
8MAR19 - one dollar fourth class zone 4
8MAR19 - one dollar double air to New Zealand - on last peacetime flight before WWII

31MAR16 - four-and-one-half-cent minimum insurance - added non stamp dealer example
31MAR16 - redo of the six to eleven cent second class page to reflect current understanding, and to add a six-cent mailing
31MAR16 - six-cent consignee double PUAS rate to Venezuela
31MAR16 - seven-cent library rate
31MAR16 - seven-cent return receipt fee on penalty mail
31MAR16 - eight-cent book rate plus minimum insurance
31MAR16 - eight-cent ten ounce printed matter to Canada
31MAR16 - nine-cent consignee triple PUAS rate to Venezuela.
31MAR16 - twelve-cent quadruple surface rate to Canada
31MAR16 - twelve-cent quadruple surface rate to Mexico

3JAN16 - redo of the general PUAS explanation page
3JAN16 - reorganization of the one-cent certificate of mailing page
3JAN16 - redo of the one-cent second class page to reflect recent research
3JAN16 - one-cent second class mailing within original post office
3JAN16 - one-cent mimeographed certificate of mailing
3JAN16 - one-cent Form 2695 variation
3JAN16 - redo of the two-cent second class page to reflect recent research
3JAN16 - three-cent PUAS consignee cover to Venezuela
3JAN16 - three-cent second class transient mailing over four ounces
3JAN16 - four-cent first class letter to Canada
3JAN16 - four-cent second class transient mailing for six to eight ounces
3JAN16 - five-cent minimum insurance on penalty mail
3JAN16 - five-cent dead letter fee for return to a territory
3JAN16 - five-cent wrapper for multiple copies of periodical to Canada

8DEC15 - ten-cent and fifty-cent pages redone
8DEC15 - ten-cent surface to Australia and air within
8DEC15 - ten-cent airmail to Guantanamo
8DEC15 - ten-cent airmail to the Bahamas
8DEC15 - ten-cent airmail to Newfoundland
8DEC15 - ten-cent airmail postcard to the Canal Zone
8DEC15 - ten cent-airmail to the Canal Zone
8DEC15 - fifty-cent airmail Hawaii to Europe (my own cover replacing borrowed scan)
8DEC15 - fifty-cent double air, registered
8DEC15 - fifty-cent double air, registered to Peru
8DEC15 - fifty-cent airmail to Australia, registered, return receipt
8DEC15 - fifty-cent five times air to Bahamas
8DEC15 - fifty-cent five times postage, registered
8DEC15 - fifty-cent registry plus return receipt on penalty envelope

9JUL13 - one-cent postcard page redone
9JUL13 - three-cent non-carrier drop rate added (thanks to Roland Austin)
9JUL13 - three-cent cover sent to Tahiti and forwarded to Hawaii
9JUL13 - five-cent APO to Australia
9JUL13 - fourteen-cent parcel post to Zone 4 in 1950
9JUL13 - twenty-cent parcel post to Zone 3, 1946
9JUL13 - twenty-five cent parcel post to Zone 2, insured, return receipt
9JUL13 - thirty-cent airmail to Ecuador
9JUL13 - fifty-cent registered airmail to Australia, 1951

24NOV12 - three-cent PUAS cover to Bolivia very near end of PUAS rate
24NOV12 - three-cent twice third class
24NOV12 - five-cent civilian use to U.S. from an APO
24NOV12 - ten-cent uniform South America rate from an APO
24NOV12 - fifteen-cent airmail postcard to Panama
24NOV12 - twenty-five cent airmail rate to Surinam
24NOV12 - thirty-cent drop rate, registered, return receipt, restricted delivery
24NOV12 - thirty-cent airmail to Guyana
24NOV12 - thirty-cent triple airmail to Costa Rica
24NOV12 - thirty-cent surface registered, return receipt from an APO
24NOV12 - thirty-cent five times concession airmail from APO
24NOV12 - fifty-cent fourth class insured

1NOV12 - redo of much of the one-and-one-half cent section
1NOV12 - eight-cent airmail to Mexico
1NOV12 - fifteen-cent Hawaii airmail to Alaska
1NOV12 - twenty-cent insured parcel post zone 1
1NOV12 - twenty-cent APO airmail to Hawaii
1NOV12 - twenty-cent doube airmail to Mexico
1NOV12 - thirty-cent airmail to Surinam
1NOV12 - thirty-cent airmail special delivery Hawaii to mainland

25JUN12 - four-cent international printed matter rate
25JUN12 - ten-cent combination fourth-class book rate with third-class enclosures
25JUN12 - ten-cent more interesting airmail to Jamaica
25JUN12 - fourteen-cent combination fourth-class book rate with third-class enclosures
25JUN12 - fourteen-cent late double airmail
25JUN12 - twenty-cent internee airmail to Hawaii
25JUN12 - twenty-one cent registered, return receipt surface mail from Hawaii
25JUN12 - twenty-five cent airmail from Vietnam to Fiji
25JUN12 - thirty-cent registry fee on penalty mail from a territory

6MAY12 - two-cent on second-class local mailing by publisher
6MAY12 - seven-cent on second-class, transient mailing
6MAY12 - eight-cent on second-class, transient mailing
6MAY12 - nine-cent on second-class, transient mailing
6MAY12 - ten-cent on second-class, transient mailing
6MAY12 - eleven-cent on second-class, transient mailing

4MAY12 - three-cent cover to Cuba
4MAY12 - five-cent on penalty cover carried outside the mails to Denmark
4MAY12 - eight-cent foreign surface rate from U.S. Administration area
4MAY12 - eight-cent airmail with minimum insurance
4MAY12 - nine-cent triple PUAS rate
4MAY12 - nine-cent parcel post use to zone 1
4MAY12 - ten-cent postcard from U.S. forces in Bermuda
4MAY12 - thirteen-cent special delivery of penalty envelope
4MAY12 - fifteen-cent airmail to Europe from Canton Island
4MAY12 - twenty-cent COD charge on penalty mail
4MAY12 - twenty-five cent airmail to Israel carried by PEDI
4MAY12 - twenty-five cent better example of foreign registered surface mail cover
4MAY12 - thirty-cent successful airmail to Germany in November 1941

12JAN12 - one-cent certificate of mailing - 1949 revision
12JAN12 - three-cent postcard with bag of agates attached
12JAN12 - four-cent used on penalty postcard sent abroad
12JAN12 - four-and-one-half-cent triple third class territorial use
12JAN12 - ten-cent airmail to Panama
12JAN12 - ten-cent airmail from Puerto Rico on penalty envelope
12JAN12 - eleven-cent better example of air-surface-air
12JAN12 - twelve-cent eight-ounce third class
12JAN12 - twelve-cent fourth class to Zone 1
12JAN12 - thirteen-cent parcel post insured
12JAN12 - eighteen-cent airmail special delivery 1944
12JAN12 - twenty-one-cent third step registered plus extra indemnity on penalty mail
12JAN12 - twenty-five-cent surface registered return receipt
12JAN12 - twenty-five-cent better registered airmail to Canada
12JAN12 - thirty-cent surface registered return receipt
12JAN12 - one dollar four times air to Burma

29AUG11 - one-cent certificate of mailing - unrevised Form 3817 - first day use of stamp
29AUG11 - one-cent third-class mailing of seeds
29AUG11 - one-cent bulk mail postcard
29AUG11 - two-cent inernational printed matter used from territory
29AUG11 - three-cent first class to Canada (revised page)
29AUG11 - three-cent sheet stamp - better Los Alamos cover
29AUG11 - three-cent cover sent between military services abroad
29AUG11 - seven-cent late airmail from APO
29AUG11 - fifteen-cent five times first class local use after drop rate ended
29AUG11 - eighteen-cent third class insured (better example)
29AUG11 - twenty-cent Alaska to Hawaii
29AUG11 - twenty-one-cent airmail registered to Alaska
29AUG11 - twenty-one-cent double weight first class registered to Canada
29AUG11 - twenty-five-cent airmail parcel post insured
29AUG11 - twenty-five-cent airmail postcard to the Pacific Area
29AUG11 - twenty-five-cent airmail to Madagascar
29AUG11 - one dollar double air to New Zealand

21FEB11 - two-cent PUAS postcard rate from an APO
21FEB11 - three-cent letter to territory
21FEB11 - three-cent letter to military abroad, Korean War
21FEB11 - four-cent airmail postcard - within US
21FEB11 - four-cent airmail postcard - within territory
21FEB11 - four-cent airmail postcard - US to territory
21FEB11 - four-cent airmail postcard - APO to US
21FEB11 - four-cent airmail postcard - territory to Canada
21FEB11 - eight-cent penalty envelope airmail
21FEB11 - twelve-cent four pounds fourth class book rate
21FEB11 - twelve-cent business reply mail
21FEB11 - fifteen-cent commercial first day use of uniform European airmail rate
21FEB11 - twenty-one-cent registered airmail from territory
21FEB11 - twenty-five cent airmail to Aruba

21JAN11 - two-cent greeting card sent abroad at the third-class rate
21JAN11 - two-cent drop rate used in territory
21JAN11 - three-cent certificate of mailing for multiple items
21JAN11 - three-cent certificates of mailing for one item, two different forms
21JAN11 - three-cent forwarding of foreign printed matter
21JAN11 - three-cent PUAS rate to Argentina - very early use
21JAN11 - eight-cent airmail postcard
21JAN11 - eight-cent parcel post to Zone 1
21JAN11 - ten-cent aerogramme
21JAN11 - eleven-cent air-sea-air, territorial use
21JAN11 - fourteen-cent business reply mail
21JAN11 - nineteen-cent airmail special delivery postcard
21JAN11 - twenty-cent third class insured, return receipt
21JAN11 - fifty-cent double airmail rate to Asia

22JUN10 - one-cent certificate of mailing for multiple items
22JUN10 - two-cent certificate of mailing for multiple items
22JUN10 - four-cent certificate of mailing for multiple items
22JUN10 - six-cent certificate of mailing for multiple items
22JUN10 - seven-cent certificate of mailing for multiple items
22JUN10 - one dollar four times airmail to Africa

16MAR10 - two-cent notice of undeliverable second class mail
16MAR10 - four-cent airmail return receipt
16MAR10 - ten-cent certificate of mailing for multiple items
16MAR10 - eleven-cent certificate of mailing for multiple items
16MAR10 - twelve-cent certificate of mailing for multiple items
16MAR10 - fourteen-cent certificate of mailing for multiple items
16MAR10 - sixteen-cent first class special delivery
16MAR10 - seventeen-cent certificate of mailing for multiple items
16MAR10 - twenty-cent airmail to Bolivia

10JAN10 - twenty-four-cent four times concession airmail - better copy
10JAN10 - thirty-cent registered airmail to Costa Rica

20DEC09 - one-cent parcel post certificate of mailing
20DEC09 - three-cent return receipt fee on free mail from D.C.
20DEC09 - three-cent late post card rate
20DEC09 - five-cent return receipt fee on free mail from D.C.
20DEC09 - seven-cent book rate
20DEC09 - eight-cent airmail to Canada
20DEC09 - nine-cent air/surface/air postcard
20DEC09 - ten-cent consignee airmail to Virgin Islands
20DEC09 - seventeen-cent parcel post
20DEC09 - twenty-four-cent four times airmail
20DEC09 - thirty-cent airmail, registered, return receipt to Mexico
20DEC09 - thirty-cent ten times surface postage
20DEC09 - thirty-cent five times airmail
20DEC09 - fifty-cent airmail, special delivery, registered from Hawaii
20DEC09 - one dollar double airmail to the Philippines

14APR09 - one-cent certificate of mailing printed on postcard.
14APR09 - one-cent bulk mail, dispatch prohibited.
14APR09 - one-cent bulk certificate of mailing form used for one item.
14APR09 - two-cent postcard to Spain.
14APR09 - two-cent vertical coil, better illustration.
14APR09 - three-cent surface rate to Spain.
14APR09 - four-cent business reply mail charge for one item.
14APR09 - five-cent airmail from Puerto Rico.
14APR09 - five-cent consignment mail to India.
14APR09 - five-cent - better example of airmail to Canada.
14APR09 - six-cent airmail to Mexico.
14APR09 - eight-cent minimum insurance, first class postage.
14APR09 - ten-cent airmail to Bermuda.
14APR09 - ten-cent special delivery charge on penalty envelope.
14APR09 - ten-cent fourth class library rate.
14APR09 - fourteen-cent parcel post zone 4.
14APR09 - seventeen-cent third class with third tier insurance.
14APR09 - eighteen-cent airmail special delivery 1948.
14APR09 - twenty-cent - better registered foreign surface mail example.
14APR09 - thirty-cent double airmail to Venezuela.
14APR09 - thirty-cent triple airmail to Mexico.
14APR09 - thirty-cent parcel post tag.
14APR09 - thirty-cent parcel post with insurance.
14APR09 - fifty-cent additional example, air, registered, special delivery, return receipt.
14APR09 - fifty-cent sixteen times foreign surface rate.

20DEC07 - fifty-cent airmail Hawaii to Europe.
20DEC07 - twenty-five-cent registered airmail to Mexico.

1NOV07 - eight-cent two to three ounces third class with minimum insurance, 1949.
1NOV07 - fifteen-cent airmail to Trinidad.
1NOV07 - twenty-five-cent airmail to Venezuela.

16JUL07 - five-cent airmail to Canada.
16JUL07 - six-cent double PUAS rate.
16JUL07 - eight-cent late (1963) air use.
16JUL07 - twenty-cent special delivery on penalty mail.
16JUL07 - thirty-cent double European airmail, 1956.
16JUL07 - fifty-cent double airmail to Curacao.

11APR07 - sixteen-cent partial wrapper, third class, insured.

4APR07 - three-cent cover from Hawaii to Peru.

3APR07 - better example of the two-cent third class rate.
3APR07 - double surface rate cover to Canada added under eight-cent - multiples of foreign surface mail.

1APR07 - two more ten-cent solo Central American covers.

31MAR07 - fifty-cent solo covers via FAM22 to Nigeria and Liberia

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