The Sixteen-cent Prexie

The sixteenth President of the United States was Abraham Lincoln. He was elected to two terms, serving from 1861 until his assassination in 1865. The design for the sixteen-cent Prexie stamp was taken from a bust in the Senate Gallery of the United States Capitol. Sixteen-cent Prexies were only issued in sheet format.

Sixteen-cent Prexies were first issued on October 20, 1938. A total of 100,598,400 were issued from then through 1957.

Most solo uses of the sixteen-cent Prexie involved special delivery, such as airmail special delivery until 1944, including to Canada. Also a special delivery regular letter from 1944 through 1948 cost sixteen cents, as did a special delivery postcard from 1949 through 1951. A registered local letter at a non-carrier post office would also have cost sixteen cents from 1925 to early 1944.

Other solo uses were possible in connection with fourth class parcel post and book rate mail.

Multiple rates were paid using a sixteen-cent Prexie as well.