The Sixteen-cent Prexie

Multiple rate use

The domestic airmail rate was eight cents per ounce from March 26, 1944 until October 1, 1946.

This double-weight cover was sent airmail August 2, 1945.

This portion of a package wrapper could not have been sent fourth class insured for sixteen cents in February of 1944, so it must have gone third class. Postage would have been one and one-half cents per each two ounces from April 15, 1925 to January 1, 1949. Insurance cost five cents for indemnity through five dollars and ten cents for indemnity from $5.01 through $25 from July 1, 1932 until March 26, 1944.

Sixteen cents is the correct postage for a package that weighed between seven and eight ounces and had been insured for an amount between $5.01 and $25. If the indemnity had been lower the postage would have been eleven cents and the package would have had to have been well over the eight ounce third class limit, so would have had to have gone fourth class. But the minimum fourth class postage for zone eight was fifteen cents, which would not have left an adequate amount to pay for insurance.

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