The Eighteen-cent Prexie

Third-class insured use

Sent in April of 1953, this insured third class cover could have been sent for eighteen cents under two scenarios. Either it weighed over seven, but no more than eight, ounces (eight cents postage) and was insured for $5.01 to $10, or it weighed over three, but no more than four, ounces (three cents postage) and was insured for $10.01 to $25.00.

Without knowing when this insured third-class mail was sent, or how much it weighed, it is impossible to be certain what the rate breakdown was. However, if we assume that Harris did not make a half-cent convenience overpayment, which should not have been necessary by a stamp company, the most likely situation is that the package weighed between two and four ounces, was insured for a sum between $25 and $50, and was mailed between November 1, 1944 and January 1, 1949. Or as above if sent any time from January 1, 1949 to August 1, 1958.

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