The Twenty-cent Prexie

Multiple rate use

The airmail rate to and from the U.S. and Puerto Rico was ten cents per half ounce from March 22, 1929 to January 15, 1945. This cover was sent double rate in 1943. Even though it was sent in a penalty envelope, the use of airmail meant that full postage had to be paid.

The airmail rate to Mexico was ten cents per half ounce from December 1, 1932 to June 11, 1945. This double weight cover was sent September 10, 1942.

This letter, weighing between one-half and one ounce, was sent to Saint Lucia in the Windward Islands in April of 1945. The airmail rate was ten cents per half-ounce to the Windwards from April 1, 1945 until July 1, 1961.

The airmail rate to Central America, South America, and much of the Caribbean was ten cents per half ounce from November 1, 1946 to July 1, 1961, with the exception of Cuba and Mexico before August 1, 1954. This officially sealed cover was sent double rate to Bolivia in 1956.

The surface rate to any UPU country was eight cents for the first ounce and four cents for each additional ounce from November 1, 1953 until August 1, 1958. This cover, weighing between three and four ounces, was sent surface mail to Sweden in November of 1953.

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