The Twenty-five-cent Prexie

Airmail to Asia

Airmail letters were twenty-five cents per half ounce to Asia, other than Turkey, from November 1, 1946 until July 1, 1971.

A cover sent airmail from Amsterdam, NY to Colombo, Ceylon in 1951.

Airmail from Puerto Rico to British North Borneo in 1949. U.S. possessions used the same rates as the mainland for airmail at that time.

A cover sent from Japan to Thailand through the APO system in 1951.

The United States suspended mail service to Israel from April 27, 1948 until sometime in July of that year due to turmoil attendant on that country's formation. Palestine Emergency Deliveries, Incorporated was formed to send mail as freight from New York to Rome, then by air to Israel on Czech Airlines. This mail was technically in the mailstream for part of the time, so was required to bear the proper twenty-five cents airmail postage. The fee to Palestine Emergency Deliveries was an additional twenty-five cents, payable directly to them.

Postcards did not get their own foreign airmail rates until June 1, 1954, so this one was sent to Japan in 1952 for the full twenty-five-cent rate.

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