The Twenty-five-cent Prexie

Airmail to Pacific areas

Airmail letters were twenty-five cents per half ounce to the Pacific countries from November 1, 1946 until July 1, 1971.

This cover was sent airmail from Houston to Wellington, New Zealand in 1952.

Airmail from Hawaii was the same as from the mainland as of October 1, 1946. This cover was mailed by air from Honolulu to Noumea, New Caledonia in 1952, opened and remailed back to the sender.

Postcards to foreign destinations did not get their own airmail rates until June 1, 1954. This one, from Honolulu to Melbourne, Australia was sent for the airmail letter rate of 25 cents in 1952.

APOs used the same rates as the continental U.S., so this letter was sent airmail from Germany to Tonga for twenty-five cents in 1950.

A late (1963) APO use of a twenty-five-cent Prexie on a letter sent to Fiji from the American Embassy in Saigon, Vietnam.

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