The Two-cent Prexie

Local letter rate use

Two cents was the local or drop rate per ounce for a letter mailed at a post office with carrier service during several time periods. The one which is relevant to the Prexie era ran from July 1, 1933 until March 26, 1944, when the carrier drop rate became the full domestic rate.

This telegram was delivered within Philadelphia in 1940 using a two-cent Prexie with a Western Union perfin.

This letter was carried to New York in 1942, most probably by ship, and mailed there at the drop rate. It was censored, so the bearer did not just add a stamp and drop it into a local mailbox.

Drop rates applied to territories as well. This cover was mailed and delivered within San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Drop rates for non-carrier post offices were available until January 7, 1968. The rate was two cents per ounce from January 1, 1952 until August 1, 1958.

The drop rate for non-carrier post offices applied to APO mail as well. This cover was sent within APO 704, Japan, in 1953.

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