The Thirty-cent Prexie

Fourth class use

This tag was used to ship something heavy to Zone 2. Without knowing exactly when it was sent there are several possibilities. One is that it was sent before March 26, 1944 and weighed 20 - 21 pounds, for postage of eight cents for the first pound and 1.1 cents for each additional pound, or 8 + 22 cents. If it was sent between March 26, 1944 and January 1, 1949 there was a 3% surcharge, resulting in a possible weight of 19 to 20 pounds. There are no combinations after that which would result in an exact charge. Of course, the franking could result from a convenience overpayment.

This tag was used on a parcel sent fourth class with insurance. In this case we know it was sent in 1943 within Zones 1 and 2, for an eight cent basic charge, 1.1 cents for an additional six pounds for 6.6 cents, and insurance for $25.01 to $50 for an additional fifteen cents. No other combinations make sense, though a convenience overpayment is possible.

The stamp is all there, just bent onto the back of the tag at mailing.

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