The Thirty-cent Prexie

Multiple weight use

The airmail rate was six cents per ounce from January 1, 1949 to August 1, 1958.

The contents of this package apparently weighed between four and five ounces to require thirty cents in postage.

The airmail rate to most of Europe was fifteen cents per half ounce from November 1, 1946 until May 1, 1967.

This cover was sent to England at double weight in 1956.

The airmail rate to Mexico was ten cents per half ounce from December 1, 1932 until June 11, 1945. This cover was sent triple weight in 1945.

The airmail rate to Venezuela was fifteen cents from April 1, 1945 to November 1, 1946. The cover is franked for double weight, mailed March of 1946.

The airmail rate to Costa Rica was ten cents from April 1, 1945 to July 1, 1961. This cover went triple weight in June of 1945, from the best that can be seen. If the year date is actually 1943 it went double rate, as the postage per half ounce was fifteen cents from December 1, 1937 to April 1, 1945.

Part of a package wrapper paying ten times the first class surface rate.

Part of a package wrapper paying five times the military concession airmail rate from the APO at Narsarssuak, Greenland.

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