The Three-cent Prexie

International post card use

The international postcard rate to UPU countries was three cents from October 1, 1925 until November 1, 1953.

A post card to Riga, Latvia in 1941.

Surface rates from U.S. possessions and territories were the same as those from the mainland during the Prexie period. This post card was sent from Pago Pago, Samoa to Germany in August of 1941.

This post card sent to Germany in 1946 was returned, as picture post cards were not allowed per a regulation dated April 2 of that year.

A post card sent to Palestine in April of 1948, and returned as undeliverable due to unrest in the area caused by establishment of the State of Israel. Mail service was interrupted from April to July, and delivery of the card was apparently tried again in August, with an appropriate change in the name of the destination country.

Articles mailed on the high seas could be prepaid using the rates and stamps of the country to which the vessel belonged, or on which it was dependent.

This post card was mailed on board a United States vessel in 1940, with a three-cent Prexie paying the postage from Fiji to the Philippine Islands.

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