The Fifty-cent Prexie

Multiple rate domestic use

This cover, sent in November of 1947, weighed between four and five ounces for fifteen cents postage, and was registered for an indemnity of $50.01 to $75.00 for a charge of thirty-five cents under the registry rates effective from March 26, 1944 through December 31, 1948. (Cover shown courtesy of Michael Ley.)

This cover, sent December 24, 1946, was double weight. Sent airmail at twice the five cents per ounce rate effective October 1, 1946 through December 31, 1948, it was registered for $75.01 to $100 indemnity, which cost an additional forty cents. (This cover is also in the collection of Michael Ley.)

Airmail to and from Hawaii cost twenty cents an ounce from April 1, 1937 to January 15, 1945. Special delivery cost ten cents from October 1, 1885 to November 1, 1944. Double-weight airmail plus special delivery would add to fifty cents from the beginning of the Prexie period to November 1, 1944, and this cover was mailed March 18, 1944.

This cover was airmailed from Hawaii April 2, 1945 and was either double weight at fifteen cents per half ounce plus a minimum registry fee of twenty cents, or single weight plus a registry fee of thirty-five cents for $50.01 to $75.00 indemnity. In either case, the registry rates were the same over the fifteen cent airmail cost period, January 15, 1945 to October 1, 1946.

A cover mailed August 17, 1945 from APO 259, Bayreuth, Germany for five times the six cent military concession airmail rate in effect at the time, plus twenty cents minimum registry effective March 26, 1944 until January 1, 1949.

A tag from an insured parcel post package sent to zone 4 in 1940. There are two possible combinations of postage and insurance which produce fifty cents, though the possibility is that the sender made a convenience overpayment. Assuming the sender paid an exact rate, the package could have weighed seven to eight pounds with insurance from $25.01 to $50.00 or ten to eleven pounds with insurance up to $5.00

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