The Nine-cent Prexie

Surface to the U.S., air in the U.S. - plus late fee?

Combination surface transport from Hawaii to the mainland plus airmail in the U.S. would normally have cost six cents. If the letter had been deposited at a dispatching post office after the normal closing of the mails and it was directed to go on a ship departing within a very short time, a late fee of three cents would have been charged.

This cover was postmarked at 10:30 a.m. to be sent via the S.S. Matsonia that day. The Matsonia sailed at noon. Nine-cents postage would be consistent with surface from Hawaii to the mainland, air on the continent, and a late fee, but further research will need to be done to be certain that is the explanation.

Incidentally, it appears that the lower left corner of the stamp was probably bent upward, and the missing portion of the slogan cancel is probably on the back of it, with just a touch on the lower left tip. There are two creases in the appropriate positions for this to have happened. At some point the corner was folded back and glued down.

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