The Three-cent Prexie

First class international rate to PUAS members

The first class rate to PUAS member countries was three cents per ounce from April 1, 1932 until November 1, 1953.

This cover was sent to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1938, using a three-cent Prexie within nine days of the time the stamp was first issued.

This cover to Bolivia was posted three days before the end of the PUAS rate treaty.

Cuba was one of the PUAS countries.

Spain itself is one of the more difficult PUAS countries so far as finding properly franked mail directed to it. All other European surface postage cost five cents.

Mail sent from possessions and territories to PUAS member countries used he same rate as the mainland.

This cover was sent from Hawaii to Peru in 1941 and forwarded back to New York.

This cover was sent to Venezuela outside the mails, but as it entered them to be delivered in Venezuela it needed full postage.

The senders of this (sealed, so treated as first class) Christmas card must have presumed that Curacao was a member of PUAS, but it was not. The proper postage would have been five cents.

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